January 4, 2016


The Halo Trainer was invented in 2009 by Bryce Taylor, a practicing physical therapist, movement expert, and fitness enthusiast in Indianapolis.  In the process of creating new and innovative back, hip and shoulder stabilization exercises with the stability ball and BOSU, he realized that these elastic surfaces were difficult to control and difficult to scale.  Additionally, much of the previously known stability ball exercise content needed updating.  Out of this realization, the Halo Trainer was born.  This friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar apparatus allows the exerciser to control the level of stability while providing an updated integrated approach to core training.  Hundreds of exercises have been classified into levels of difficulty to make it easy for fitness pros, rehab pros, and even non-pros!

Often times we hear “core” used interchangeably with “abs”.  Although the abdominals are a large contributor to the core, there are many more muscles that compose the core— nearly 30 depending how you define the core.  Think of the core as a cylinder around your spine.  A cylinder is a three dimensional shape with top, bottom, and contoured sides, front, and back.  All these muscles have a role to protect, stabilize, or move your spine for safe and efficient movement and power transfer.  The Halo Trainer encompasses this very approach to training.  Our exercises will engage your core while strengthening your shoulders, hips, knees, etc.  The body works in an integrated fashion from head to toe and we approach core training this very same way.  Most, if not all exercises challenge the core but are not solely focused on these thirty or so muscles.  Why not save time on your workouts by efficiently incorporating core strengthening into your workouts?  This is what the Halo Training is all about.