Introducing HALO at HOME. There has always been the opportunity to use the weighted Halo Trainer in workouts as additional load but there has never been a time that it was in demand until now. We are in our homes looking for minimal equipment workouts so here is the answer. With a simple conversion from Read more about HALO at HOME[…]

The Twelve

For all those that don’t follow our social media accounts, The Twelve is the very first full integrated upper and lower body workout that has been made available to the public.  Why are we giving away a free workout?  It all began as a social media campaign during the Christmas season when the “12 DAYS” Read more about The Twelve[…]

It’s here! The very first HALO course has arrived!

The Halo Trainer was born out of a need for affordable selective stability core training.  From the depths of sports rehabilitation, the HALO core integrated bodyweight training found it’s voice over the past few years to be a leading brand in the small equipment category.  And now, with our partners at MERRITHEW, we are launching Read more about It’s here! The very first HALO course has arrived![…]

May the Force be with you (and against you)

  Your body is a dumbbell: Anti-Rotational Plank   Considering the timing of this post, it seems appropriate to give it a Star Wars themeā€¦ The role of the core is to produce force, transfer force, and mitigate force.  As the core region is situated between the limbs of the upper and lower body, it Read more about May the Force be with you (and against you)[…]

Hello Halo, says the International audience

It’s always a big decision for a new product company to select trade shows and events that will allow for the best exposure and not break the bank. After much deliberation, Halo decided it was time to meet the international fitness community. We exhibited around the corner from all the action, closer to the restrooms Read more about Hello Halo, says the International audience[…]

HIIT = Halo Integrated Interval Training

Three years ago when the Halo was conceived, it was determined that this versatile apparatus can reach many entry level exercisers while maintaining an appeal for the exercise enthusiast. Born out of rehabilitation, and many times referred to as corrective exercise, there has always been a structure to the exercise creation. Careful consideration of technique, Read more about HIIT = Halo Integrated Interval Training[…]