The Twelve

For all those that don’t follow our social media accounts, The Twelve is the very first full integrated upper and lower body workout that has been made available to the public.  Why are we giving away a free workout?  It all began as a social media campaign during the Christmas season when the “12 DAYS”[…]

State of the Union, or lack thereof

Now before you sigh loudly and dismiss this post as an opportunity to make a political statement, read on.  This is brain diarrhea about the current state of the movement industry.  Although it could be said that there are specific property lines for each industry (fitness, rehab, strength/conditioning, etc.), let’s be honest and recognize that[…]

HIIT = Halo Integrated Interval Training

Three years ago when the Halo was conceived, it was determined that this versatile apparatus can reach many entry level exercisers while maintaining an appeal for the exercise enthusiast. Born out of rehabilitation, and many times referred to as corrective exercise, there has always been a structure to the exercise creation. Careful consideration of technique,[…]