Our first review!

Well, here it is…our first official product review by one of the top fitness writers in the industry. We had the opportunity to demo the Halo Trainer at a trade show several months ago and Amanda Vogel, the blogger at fitnesstestdrive.com offered a true analysis once product was made available. Check it out here at[…]

Halos are here!!!

Well, from the look on my face, you may be able to read the excitement that was in the air at our Indianapolis distribution warehouse this weekend. The product is here! After a delayed launch of this truly unique product, the 40′ truck was met with great anticipation at the unloading zone. Many of you[…]

Set Aside Those Sit-ups

Did you know that many of the traditional exercises that are/were performed to strengthen the abdominals may not necessarily be the best exercises? New research is finding that not only is the abdominal crunch or partial sit-up too compressive for your lower back, but that several other exercises utilize the abs even better than the[…]