January 4, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

Can professional athletes benefit from using the Halo?

Professional athletes are already using the Halo to magnify the benefit of bodyweight training and combining other popular equipment to train at the highest level.

Can the Halo be used with P90X workouts?

Of course the Halo can be used for P90X workouts. The Halo is ideal for P90X workouts.
The Halo provides an ergonomic handlebar that can increase or decrease the challenge depending on how it is used.
Can the Halo be used with sports medicine?

The Halo will help redefine the importance of integrating core stabilization and strengthening into the workouts for athletes to reduce injury and enhance performance.

Do I need to own a stability ball to use the Halo?

Although it is not necessary, many of the exercises do use a stability ball. It is highly recommended to own an anti-burst stability ball to get the full experience of what the Halo can offer.

Does the Halo make exercising easier or harder?

Easier and Harder. Depending on how you use the Halo some exercises can be modified to be easier or modified to create an even bigger challenge.

How do I inflate my Halo stability ball?

If you ordered either the 65 cm anti-burst stability ball or the Halo Trainer Pro Kit, you will need to inflate the stability ball before use.

1. Remove stability ball from the box and check for any damage. It is normal for inflatable balls to have mild creases or fold marks when first inflated.
2. Allow the stability ball to reach room temperature before inflating.
3. Attach pump inflator tip to end of pump hose. Place the other end of the pump hose into the blue port at the base of the pump. Insert the inflator tip into hole in stability ball. Inflate ball to the desired height and firmness. DO NOT OVERINFLATE. As a guide, the Halo Trainer should fit snuggly around the upper third of the stability ball when inflated properly.
4. Remove inflator tip from ball and immediately replace with the white plug so that it is flush with the ball when fully inserted.
5. After inflation, it may take a few days for the ball to expand as the fold marks work their way out.

How does the Halo work?

The Halo is a uniquely designed handlebar apparatus that can be used independently or in combination with other bodyweight training equipment or as an enhancement of any anti-burst 65cm stability ball.

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Is the Halo durable?
The Halo Trainer has been through rigorous testing including compression testing. Unless you run this over with a truck, the Halo is extremely durable.
The Halo anti-burst stability ball is also made well. Through testing, it has tolerated heavy loads for extended periods of time without damage. Unlike inexpensive stability balls, the Halo anti-burst ball will deflate slowly if punctured.

Is the Halo just for home fitness?

Although the Halo works well at home due to the limited equipment required and low cost for a full body workout, it is not just for home fitness. The Halo is great for athletic clubs, hotel gyms, rehab centers, pilates studios and more.

What exercises can I do with the Halo Trainer?

There are hundreds of exercises for the HALO.
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What is core training and how can it help?

Although it may surprise you, the fitness industry is still fairly new and constantly evolving. One of the things that has improved recently is the concept of inter-segmental dependency. Basically this means that during movement we depend on each link along a chain to work in concert, to produce safe and efficient motion. The old way of strengthening was to isolate muscles during resistance training such as crunches.

The current research is challenging those misconceptions and pointing to core strengthening vs. abdominal strengthening. Our bodies must create a stable foundation in our spine in order for the arms and legs to lift, reach, bend, twist, etc. Core training is the art of strengthening the spinal muscles so that we not only protect the spine but also create more coordinated and faster arm and leg motion for activities like running or golf. Core training will help you keep a healthy back and make you a better athlete.

When will a fitness center near me have the Halo available to use?

Fitness Centers need to keep up with new equipment for their customers so if you don’t see the Halo in your gym, please demand it at your gym and then drop us a note so that we can follow up on your request.

Where can I purchase the Halo Trainer?

For starters, here on this website. It will also be offered by major fitness and rehab distributors and available for discounted purchase at trade shows.

Who is the Halo designed for?

The Halo is for everybody. This device is so versatile that it can be used in all phases of rehab and all levels of fitness.