Halo meets Wii for virtual core blasting workout

The Halo Trainer Pro debuted at the APTA Sports Conference in Las Vegas last month. Between educational seminars, the sports medicine clinicians would flock to the exhibitor booths and find out what the latest and greatest tools of the trade are. Many people found there way over to the Halo booth where we introduced them to the virtual world. If you have ever played Wii Fit’s famous table tilt game, you would expect to stand and shift your weight side to side and front to back in order to sink the marbles in the virtual tabletop holes. Well, we took it to another level and challenged the conference participants to assume a plank position over a stability ball with the Halo gripping the unstable ball.

Although our contest was on the virtual ski slope, during exhibitor breaks, we challenged the exhibitors around us including the TRX sports medicine staff to perform the plank table tilt challenge. Below is the link to view this video. Check it out and when you get your Halo, I would encourage you to try this. How many exercises offer core and shoulder stability challenge at the same time? Answer: not many, but this one sure does! I think it’s safe to say if this is not the best core strengthening exercise ever, it sure is close. Please watch the video.

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