Halos are here!!!

Well, from the look on my face, you may be able to read the excitement that was in the air at our Indianapolis distribution warehouse this weekend. The product is here! After a delayed launch of this truly unique product, the 40′ truck was met with great anticipation at the unloading zone. Many of you have placed orders and you will be happy to know that several orders will be placed on Monday and you may receive your Halo or Halo Kit (with stability ball and pump) by mid week.

If you have ordered the Halo Trainer Pro, you will receive a Halo, wall poster, and manual. The only assembly required will be snapping the pre-installed spring clips into the four bars. If you have ordered the Halo Kit, please note that you will receive 2 boxes. Please read the inflation instructions carefully to maintain the safest conditions for your stability ball.

Speaking of instructions, I encourage all of you to read the manual from front to back. Aside from drawings, safety instructions, and education about core training, you will be pleased to find the sample workout enclosed. The workout is complete with warm-up activities, a full body Halo workout (4 series to be performed in a circuit fashion) that is segregated into four different levels of difficulty, and cool-down flexibility exercises. I recommend that you watch the pre-participation exercise videos on the website while reading the manual in order to perform the exercises with precision form to get the most out of this kind of training.

If you are one of the lucky ones that order early, you will be part of the CORE CLUB with exclusive access to free workout updates and video content. Otherwise, the crew at Halo Rehab & Fitness will be posting content-specific workout updates for levels 1-4 at the online store. In other words, if you want to focus on improving your posture or preventing back pain, or upper body strength, etc., you will have the option to purchase these workouts online.

We are excited to begin this adventure with you. If you haven’t ordered your Halo because you have been waiting for product, now is the time. Order here.

I wish you all the best for your health and wellness in 2012,

Bryce Taylor PT, MS
Inventor and Program Director

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