Hello Halo, says the International audience

It’s always a big decision for a new product company to select trade shows and events that will allow for the best exposure and not break the bank. After much deliberation, Halo decided it was time to meet the international fitness community. We exhibited around the corner from all the action, closer to the restrooms on the far side of the convention center.

To our surprise, as our exhibiting neighbor pointed out, we had a lot of activity at our booth! We showcased the Halo Level 1 and 2 group fitness training as well as an assortment of Level 3 still images on monitors. The amazingly athletic performers from Barholics did a show or two in front of our booth and we had many deliberate visits from fitness club chains.

For those that are not familiar with International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), it is the world’s premier fitness organization of club owners and operators. The Halo Trainer was an absolute hit! Interested distributors from all over the world were ready to take on this product from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Europe, Canada, and others. We were thrilled with the response and we look forward to sharing the Halo Trainer with the world. I have been asked by many personal trainers and rehab professionals from around the world, “where can they get their own Halo Trainer?”, and our response is this: “Soon!”.

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