HIIT = Halo Integrated Interval Training

Three years ago when the Halo was conceived, it was determined that this versatile apparatus can reach many entry level exercisers while maintaining an appeal for the exercise enthusiast. Born out of rehabilitation, and many times referred to as corrective exercise, there has always been a structure to the exercise creation. Careful consideration of technique, time, and intensity went into the program development. We have always targeted efficiency in the exercise programs. By integrating multiple joints in symmetric and asymmetric patterns and creating a 60 second objective, we believe that the Halo programming is extremely efficient.

It was over two years ago that it was decided to create the 60 second objective. This is the goal of complete failure at your appropriate level in 60 seconds per resistance exercise. This 60 second system was also supplemented by 60 second bursts of high level movement exercises with no specific purpose other than elevating the heart rate. We call these cardio boosters. It was a gamble but now according to a study out of McMaster University and published in The New York Times, healthy under-exercised middle age men and women, as well as those at risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, were found to derive similar benefits to endurance training in only 60 second interval bursts of high intensity training.

This is great news! According to this study, not only can you spend less time working out, but the Halo formula is in good standing! If you haven’t picked up a Halo yet to discover the integrated core training that this system has to offer, here is your chance. Please visit our website and get a grip on your core.

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