Rolling into the new year with HALO

It’s no surprise that you may have working out on your new year’s resolution list.  It can be very difficult to start a routine or get going again after falling out of habit.  Rolling into the new year program is geared to help remedy that initial hesitation.  All you need is a Halo Trainer, stability ball, and a set of three dice.

Here’s how it works.  Roll the dice, count the total number that lands face-up and match the exercise selection that corresponds with that number.  The exercise list is ready.  All we need is you and your dice throwing skills.  There are two wildcard selections that permit you to choose any exercise, otherwise, just find the matching exercise and go!

Short Training: 6 rolls of the dice

Medium Training: 10 rolls

Long Training: 15 rolls

For instruction of each exercise, go to Instagram @halotraining.

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